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The American Library Association condemns censorship and works to ensure free access to information. The lists are based on information from media stories and voluntary challenge reports sent to OIF from communities across the United States. The Top Ten lists are only a snapshot of book challenges. Sometimes OIF receives information as the challenge is happening; other times OIF receives an online report years later. This affects the total number of challenges reported in any given year.

Find images, infographics and more on the Free Downloads webpage! The ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom tracked challenges to library, school and university materials and services in Of the books challenged or banned in , the Top 11 Most Challenged Books are:. Of the books challenged or banned in , the Top 10 Most Challenged Books are:. View the book challenge infographic. Vincent and His Blue Caps soon gained a reputation playing in various country bars in Norfolk.

Prior to the release of the single, Lowery pressed promotional copies of "Be-Bop-A-Lula" and sent them to radio stations throughout the country. The song was picked up and played by other U. After "Be-Bop-A-Lula" became a hit, Vincent and His Blue Caps were unable to follow it up with the same level of commercial success, although they released critically acclaimed songs like "Race with the Devil" number 96 on the Billboard chart and number 50 on the Cashbox chart and " Bluejean Bop " number 49 on the Billboard chart and another million-selling disc.

Cliff Gallup left the band in , and Russell Williford joined as the new guitarist for the Blue Caps.

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Williford played and toured Canada with Vincent in late but left the group in early Gallup came back to do the next album and then left again. Williford came back and exited again before Johnny Meeks joined the band. Vincent was awarded gold records for two million sales of "Be-Bop-A-Lula", [8] and 1. It was Vincent's last American hit single. Town Hall Party drew in excess of 2, paid admissions each Friday and Saturday, with room for 1, dancers.

A dispute with the US tax authorities and the American Musicians' Union over payments to his band and his having sold the band's equipment to pay a tax bill led Vincent to leave the United States for Europe. He wore black leather, gloves, and a medallion, and stood in a hunched posture.

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On April 16, , while on tour in the UK, Vincent, Eddie Cochran and the songwriter Sharon Sheeley were involved in a high-speed traffic accident in a private-hire taxi in Chippenham , Wiltshire. Vincent broke his ribs and collarbone and further damaged his weakened leg.

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Cochran, who had been thrown from the vehicle, suffered serious brain injuries and died the next day. Vincent returned to the United States after the accident. After the overwhelming success of the tour, Vincent moved to Britain in His accompanying band, Sounds Incorporated , a six-piece outfit with three saxophones, guitar, bass and drums, went on to play with the Beatles at their Shea Stadium concert.

Vincent toured the UK again in with the Outlaws , featuring future Deep Purple guitar player Ritchie Blackmore , as a backing band.

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Vincent's alcohol problems marred the tour, resulting in problems both on stage and with the band and management. Vincent's attempts to re-establish his American career in folk rock and country rock proved unsuccessful; he is remembered today for recordings of the s and early s released by Capitol Records. Although well received, none sold well. In in a hotel in Germany, Vincent tried to shoot Gary Glitter.

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He fired several shots but missed and a frightened Glitter left the country the next day. He later recorded four tracks released years later as The Last Session in Britain in October as part of his last tour.

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Vincent then returned to the US and died a few days later. The four tracks are now on Vincent's album White Lightning. Vincent died at the age of 36 on October 12, , from a ruptured stomach ulcer , while visiting his father in Saugus, California [4].

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Ian Dury paid tribute to him in the song " Sweet Gene Vincent ". Vincent was the first inductee into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame upon its formation in In , his band, the Blue Caps, were retroactively inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by a special committee, alongside Vincent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American musician. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Virgin Books. Pop Chronicles. University of North Texas Libraries. Track 3. London: Reed International Books. CN Retrieved April 24, The Independent.

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