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The impressive quantity of spolia incorporated in the castle walls gives an idea of the extent of the destruction wreaked on the ancient town when the castle was first built. The first post-antique fortress here is said to have been erected in the 6th century AD, under the Emperor Justinian: the innermost of the three successive gates on the west side is Byzantine, and it marks the northwestern limit of the Byzantine castle.

The enceinte was strengthened and further fortified to the south and west by the Genoese Gattilusi overlords, between their coming into possession of the castle in and a catastrophic earthquake in that wrought considerable damage to the structure and killed all of the ruling family save for a single son, Francesco II. What was rebuilt was considerably damaged again by the Turkish assault of In , under Sultan Beyazit II, the Lower Castle, protected by a circular bastion at the northernmost point, was added to protect the north harbour.

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The interior was densely inhabited in Ottoman times; many of the ruined buildings still visible inside date from the 16th—19th centuries. There are two entrances to the castle open daily except Mon, 8—3 , one from the south and another from the west by the Orta Kapi, m north of the New Archaeological Museum.

Numbers in italics are picture references. Dates are given for all artists, architects and sculptors. Ancient names are rendered in italics, as are works of art.

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Page references in italics indicate illustrations. Where many pages are listed, those where. Where many pages are listed, references to those where. Gerola, Giuseppe 36 , 36 , 39 , 47 , 54 , 54 , 96,. Reviewed on Amazon? Today Syros with its capital Hermoupolis is an island gem with a well-developed economy, tourism and agricultural production while the operation of the shipyard, of public services, of the Department of product and systems design engineering at the University of the Aegean as well, contribute to the long-term development of the island.

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