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That was the moment I captured in the haiku.

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That shadow lingered and overpowered every other thought for a few days until further investigation showed that it was all fine. Suraja Roychowdhury is originally from India but migrated to the United States for graduate studies in the s.

Haiku thoughts

She now lives in Lexington, Massachusetts. She obtained her PhD in Pharmacology and worked for several years as a clinical drug development researcher. She then changed careers and is now a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Somewhat concurrently with the career change, she became acquainted and fell in love with haiku and other Japanese poetic forms such as tanka and haibun.

The Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life (1969)

She has had a few haiku published and even more rejected! She is married and has two children.

12 Haiku That Reflect on Zen Buddhism

Besides writing, she loves reading, Indian classical music and travel. How did you first become interested in haiku? The carefree hippy years on Haight-Ashbury had morphed into something a lot more real, and a lot more challenging, for young people in the US. Young people who were handing out flowers and preaching peace and love to strangers on street corners one day were given a rifle and sent into the jungle to find and destroy an especially elusive enemy the next.

Oh, my sorrows Sad tomorrows Take me back to my own home.

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And those back home were praying for the same thing…that their sons, brothers and fathers would survive the horrors of war and come back unscathed. Sometimes against overwhelming odds and with no objectively realistic expectation of success, we just roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. On the battlefield, those people are often called heroes. They achieve the seemingly-impossible, get medals and honours to highlight their service and achievement.

I take my hat off to every one of those people. But no less heroic are the people who just keep on keeping on, especially when it would have been easier to just give up.

One thought on “Reflections on action learning through haiku from guest blogger Katherine Waumsley”

As the Marmalade put it…. They want to keep on keeping on.

There are no medals for that, but anyone who can make it through the hardest situations in life and still be determined not to die is a hero to me. It also features one of my favourite drum breaks in popular music and a surprisingly lively bass line, given the nature of the song.

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