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The Lily's Hope Foundation is a (c)(3) non-profit organization that supports babies, children, and their families with unexpected and urgent needs due to.

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Our environment delivers uninterrupted private treatment and focused attention at each visit. We work closely with your medical doctor to provide streamlined communication comprehensive care. Our pelvic health team has advanced training in evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and is actively involved in professional and community education, including local support groups, teaching at local universities, and lecturing at national conferences in physical therapy.


Our integrative pelvic health and healing program addresses bowel and bladder dysfunction, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction, which often go untreated for years. We recognize the special needs of Mommas as well. Addressing complications from pregnancy, labor and delivery, and in the post-natal period is critical to keeping our Moms and families healthy.

Our team of experts is invested in the healing journey of our patients and getting them Back 2 Normal.

Pelvic Floor Recovery Series

In Chapter 2, there is a "symptoms" monitor which allows you to track your symptoms through the programs. There are also recommendations of how and when to advance each program according to how you are progressing. Sexual activity can be affected in 2 different ways, similar to what is described above:. Pelvic floor dysfunction can occur as early as 4 years old and into the elder years.

Sue’s Books: “Pelvic Floor Recovery” & “Pelvic Floor Essentials”

For children, it is common to suffer from pelvic floor muscle incoordination whereas the elderly tend to suffer from weakness due from disuse; although, all ages can be diagnosed with any of the diagnoses described in this book. The book offers basic tips for better bladder and bowel health, which in turn results in a healthier pelvic floor.

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Anyone that suffers from any type of pelvic floor disorder: men, women or children. As well, the book discusses preventative measures for overall good health and wellness. At Beyond Basics Physical Therapy we meet with each patient initially and look at the body as a whole. We evaluate the tone and any tightness, or weakness, in the pelvic floor and surrounding external muscles. We assess the strength and coordination of the pelvic floor, hip, back and abdominal muscles.


Treatment is one-on-one, hands-on, and lasts 60 to 90 minutes — in comfortable private treatment rooms. We work with each patient to change the structural causes of their pain—to interrupt the cycle of stress, pain and stress that leads to more anxiety, more pain and even more stress. And, we teach preventive as well as restorative exercises to get patients back to a pain-free, active and normal life. We teach muscle relaxation and re-education, which helps with the pain and to retrain the bladder and bowels. We also teach postural re-education and overall relaxation techniques. This book offers relief and recovery, not through surgery and not through drugs, but through strengthening, stretching and relaxation exercises, manual techniques, biofeedback, deep massage, heat and cold, and the other modalities of physical therapy.

Toggle navigation. Frequently Asked Questions What is pelvic floor dysfunction? How does one get pelvic floor dysfunction?

Watch a Minimally Invasive Repair of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Who should one see to get a proper diagnosis? Why do you think healthcare providers have difficulty diagnosing pelvic floor dysfunction? Why should people read this book?

Explain the exercises that you prescribe and whom they will help. Both of these can result in tight or spasmed muscles which commonly results in an inability to relax the pelvic floor muscles. The exercises to help with this diagnosis are described in Chapter 3-End the Pain and Chapter 5-Massage. How does one know if there is improvement from the exercise programs?

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  4. How is sexual activity affected? Sexual activity can be affected in 2 different ways, similar to what is described above: pain or discomfort with sexual activity may be the result of tight pelvic floor muscles, irritated vaginal tissue, and more.