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Paddy Baker. October 7, - am.

Will fees alone be enough to sustain the network as halvings continue to Read more. Ilya Abugov - November 8, - pm. BTC sentiment is a key market driver.

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Following Xi Jingping's positive comments on blockchain a narrative that the news will drive price growth has MakerDAO is set to introduce the multi-collateral Dai update in 10 days. The new version will allow for Basic Attention Token to be used In a statement, the rights group called "on the Algerian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release the 34 protesters who remain in detention and to respect and protect" the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

Djamel-Eddine Taleb, an Algerian journalist, told Al Jazeera the government was attempting to undermine the protest movement by cleaving divisions between demonstrators, but added such a move would not work.

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Toggle navigation. Demonstrations were also held in at least a dozen other cities. Algeria's constitutional council cancels presidential election Algeria Middle East Africa. Have your say.

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Get help. Many are sad but some, like this man, are still able to strike playful poses outside the company headquarters in Kuala Lumpur as they report to work for the last time. An employee who has just cleared his desk leaves the office with his belongings and a bag of rice.

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A collection of vintage cameras once used by photographers of Utusan Malaysia sits on display next to a set of pictures captured over the years. The last news assignments of reporters, some of which are unfinished, still hang on a partition in the office. Mugshots of Utusan Malaysia photographers lie beside a copy of the paper as staff members say their farewells.