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Shame, however, about the rest of the opera. A most amiable joust, then. Decapitations feature prominently in Western art: the mythical Perseus holding aloft the head of Medusa, the biblical David bringing Goliath down to size.

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In this Salome, Artistic Director Rosetta Cucchi, eschews the blood sporting Holofernes route and, in the wake of recent events in the Middle East, chose well. Instead of Salome triumphant with her dripping gobbet, we have a cat toying with an invisible mouse. Her elixir is not hip swagger and pout, but alchemy like verdigris. As a predator, her saurian eyes have more menace than her hips.

Cucchi sees her as a tree slowly diseased by her environment, and, unlike Herodias or Herode, who are fully formed, the chimerical Salome spirals to an inevitable gore fest from the moment Iokanaan triggers her gossamer. With the horrific death of Iokanaan, less is more on stage, and that is how it should be in our encounter, as an audience, with the dreadful, which is all around us. A courageous production, with luscious music too, one should add.

It is often said that the arts can enlighten through narrative: the Wexford Festival has never been afraid to embrace the zeitgeist of a moment, and deliver a tour de force of its own. The Festival should, once again, be commended for having the audacity and the courage to stage an opera about World War I, in the midst of centenary commemorations, just weeks before Remembrance Day, a global conflict which, need we add, polarised Irish opinion for decades.

Against a backdrop of local indifference to centenary commemorations — neither Wexford Corporation or Wexford Co. Council will this year acknowledge the deaths of almost a thousand Wexford soldiers in the conflict — the Wexford Festival is the first and only cultural institution in Ireland of note to meet the spectre of the Great War head on.

The circumstances will never again arise for an opera of this magnitude, a homage to the horror of the first industrial war, to those who perished and to those who survived, on all sides. As we know, the events of Christmas Eve were never repeated as the war entered its most inhumane phase. In short Silent Night was fascinatingly scored and sung with warmth and no absence of understanding.

One need not have worried: Goldman, a mezzo-soprano with an infectious stage presence, removed the scales from our eyes with an exotic rather than erotic Habanera. But she was every inch Carmen, and we knew it, and she knew we knew it. The echoes and reverberation of Leah Goldberg sung by a blackbird in her native Hebrew in an ancient Wexford church: what more could you ask for?

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Nothing is as it seems. For a Rossini farce to work, ensemble playing is a prerequisite, and Recchia knows how to work a team. We love Rossini for his sheer exuberance and his exemplification of bel canto, and this production was fortunate to have at its disposal the richly coloured Kate Allen, a mezz-soprano. It is accepted that Silent Night was the best of the trio, justifying the hype which snowballed after the dress rehearsal, but Don Bucefalo, coming under the radar, like Il Cappello di paglia di Firenze last year, scaled impressive heights.

When you consider the dramma giocoso in three acts by Cagnoni to a libretto by Calisto Bassi which director Kevin Newbury had to work from, a minor miracle was created on the stage of the National Opera House. The pace, for dramma giocoso to be effective, must be relentless, so there is usually a seamless transition from one scene to the next, interspersed by wavering arias, most noticeably in this production by Jennifer Davis and Marie-Eve Munger.

The arias from both were consistently beautiful, and Davis was the ideal counterfoil for Munger. The Dr. Silent Night, about the famous truce in the trenches in the first Christmas of the war that was supposed to end all wars, was inspired by the French film, Joyeux Noel, which is not yet a decade old.

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What the lecture revealed is that these guys work fast. Campbell and Puts declined to use the carol Silent Night in the opera for fear that the audience would sing alone. The opera is often at its most effective for the silences. Puts wrote the music for Act I on paper as opposed to computer. I loved the architecture of the libretto. There was an intuitive understanding of how the music would go. Search for:. Hence the moniker, dirty old town. Drawing inspiration from Brazilian music, its harmonies, rhythms and melodies, and from contemporary jazz, Gaia creates a unique and colourful world of music that is both cerebral and emotional.


She draws inspiration from composers such as Hermeto Pascoal, Guillermo Klein, Kenny Wheeler, Vijay Iyer and Maria Schneider, and the pieces generate their shapes and feelings from the idea of home. The melody evolves into a flute solo by Yulia Musayelyan which leads back to the opening bass line, and the return of the main melody. Centered around the interval of a third, the piece starts with an acappella introduction, developing this intervallic motif. The ostinato, the chords and the melody are based on the mixolydian b6 mode from the melodic minor scale.

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Eric Matthews - Have Yourself a Merry Poodle Christmas

Meaning of "poddle" in the English dictionary. River Poddle.

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Synonyms and antonyms of poddle in the English dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about poddle. Though Eric successfully forces the gorilla to leave, he realises Mrs. Poddle is worried and goes about finding him. What trouble might Eric have inadvertently got himself into?


In each of these humorous stories, Eric and Mrs. Ruth Young, Michael Barry, Patrick Sammon, ExpecT To poddle. If, for some reoson, you don'T poddle or won'T poddle , you will be osked To leove The conoe. Remember ThoT when you join The Dave Hibbard, Old Mr. Poddle looks knowingly at passing vessels through his field-glass, but doesn't know a fore-and-aft schooner from a man-of-war. Poddle once a day inquires if there's any danger. Poddle does not talk so much, but evidently in Prentice Mulford,