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Bien cordialement.

Du temps de ma jeunesse! C est bien le cas de le dire! Merci infiniment …. Mais au fond avec le temps que de bons souvenirs! Merci, cher Georges, pour votre commentaire! Quelle chance vous avez eue de vivre au Liban. Quelle merveille! Merci infiniment! Merci Cocotte. Encore merci!

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Merci pour cette excellente lecture. Dabor avans de comment jaimerai dir un grang merci a cocotte de nous avoir. Explique une si belle qui me touche vraimen le coeur que la sagesse et lamour reste toujour sur toi afin de nous raconter des belles histoires. Merci beaucoup Cocotte pour cette belle histoire si triste et pour votre lecture. Je vais essayer de trouver une biographie de Daudet. Je suis heureuse que vous aimez Alphonse Daudet. Je me sens une sympathie fraternelle pour lui.

Nous aurions pu nous rencontrer. Bonne lecture! Cocotte, votre lecture est magnifique! Merci de partager votre talent. A voir. Daudet et Cocotte forment un duo parfait..

Petit Livre noir de la famille

Daudet sait merveilleusement jouer du comique et de la tendresse. Un grand merci pour votre si aimable commentaire. Qui sait? Dans cette liste, il y a avait Le petit chose. Merci beaucoup. Vous pouvez aussi suivre ce billet sans ajouter de nouveau commentaire. Indiquez simplement ici votre e-mail:. Litterature audio. Page vue fois Plus de nouvelles de plusieurs Donneurs de voix … Cordialement.

Bon week-end Cordialement. They will ship to me from Shutterfly and I will then forward them as quickly as possible to you. I want to thank you again for your generosity and show you proof of the great impact your donation has had. Some people give to charitable causes and never know exactly how their money has been used.

In this case, it's a win-win situation because you can see in the photos here that our books put smiles on the faces of lots of children at St.

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Gabriel's School in Lascahobas, Haiti. Actually, seeing kids enjoy our books is the gift that keeps on giving, and I am so humbled to have received this gift not just once, but over and over again on the day we presented them. There are about children at St.

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Gabriel's, and Sister Micheline invited each class to the book table separately to streamline the presentation process. Watching groups of 30 or so children open the books, smile at the pictures and text, then read them aloud to themselves, was a thrill. And this excitement happened at least seven times as they brought each class through. I told each group of children that the books were written just for them, and many of them spent time reading about the author in the short bio at the end of each book.

You will notice how nice the children look in their clean, neatly pressed uniforms. The girls are impeccably coiffed in their matching blue bows.

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This is the way it is in Haiti: you may be casually dressed elsewhere, but at school and at church, you must look polished and dress as if all your dignity depended on it. Most schools are private because of lack of government support for public schools and they require uniforms, which surely simplifies clothing budgets for parents. However, sending their children to school requires significant financial sacrifice for most.

I think there are so many beautiful faces in these photos which capture the viewer's attention and illuminate the scene around them. Some are contemplative, others are just joyful. I hope they make you smile, too. Video to follow soon!

There over one hour of footage, in addition to my interviews with two teachers, so I'm trying to create one clip with the best moments. Stay tuned!

Les petits livres - Le petit livre noir des voisins (French, Paperback)

Over 30 of you - wow!! Thanks so much again for your support. It has been a whirlwind week, with final exams ending and the Little French Books projects getting into full swing. Here's an update on where things stand:. In the past week I've been burning the midnight oil to get the bulk of our books uploaded and ordered via Shutterfly so that we can get them in time for Haiti. I knew our turnaround time would be tight between the student's final submissions and the moment I clicked "order" on the Shutterfly website.

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  • There was quite a bit of tweaking of pages, making text fit so we'd have books of no more than 20 pages Shutterfly's limit for this project , adding accents and apostrophes back in where the website's text tool removed them, and working with customer service to ensure timely delivery oops, forgot about Memorial Day being a holiday - Shutterfly's presses don't run then! Several "saves" and phone calls later, I finally got confirmation that we'll have large shipments of books arriving just in time to stuff them in a suitcase for delivery to Haiti.

    I am exhausted, but it was well worth it! Four Randolph-Macon students and I will arrive in Haiti June 6, and we'll deliver the books as soon as possible that week.

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    • I hope to be able to get an internet connection and post pictures then internet access is a precious commodity in Haiti ; if not, I will upload and share them with you here upon my return a week later. Can't wait! Although the students shared their books with me in Word documents, and I want to make PDFs of them, I am unable to share them right now "as is".

      Before I put them in a place where you can access them, I want to provide English translations for you, and the pictures must be aligned within the stories most students just included them at the end because they weren't sure about image placement until they uploaded their work to Shutterfly. My temporary solution will be taking screenshots of the books in Shutterfly, then cropping them and adding English translations. Once the books are accessible, you'll receive notification with a link to view them.