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Visit Group bookings Venue hire Shop. And all he expects is goodness and love!!!! I have through my adult life been a skeptic. I do believe in God. I went to a Catholic School. There was fear instilled in all the children by mean nuns. We were always told if someone is not baptized they could not enter their kingdom of heaven. A newborn child or baby could not enter heaven, but be in Limbo for all eternity. If we missed Mass and died before confessing our sins to a priest we could not enter heaven but instead hell awaited.

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Missing one Sunday mass was a mortal sin not a veniel sin. Missing mass carried the same wrath as murder.

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I am a believer that our God is a loving God and not a vengeful God. I do have doubts about the way I was taught. God would not allow anyone good, kind, selfless and loving whether it be child or adult baptized or not the hell we know of. Thank you for the info you've provided me personally from your site. I think it is important to share a few things.

Yes, we veer away from eachother regarding belief in Jesus. Keep in mind, when you question your Christian faith, you have the right to question, but you don't have to reject everything you grew up with at once in order to throw yourself into something else. He will tell you that for those born non-jews, fulfillment of the 7 noahide laws you can research this and probably already adhere to most of them are really the only obligation. Good luck in your journey.

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I think it is always important to remember that we are all one people, across the globe, under G-d. I don't know the answers but Judaism teaches me to question. In that way alone, Judaism is about freedom -- and that alone means the world to me on every level of my being.

It doesn't make sense. They believe Jesus was born of a virgin. But say he wasn't from the line of David. Think about it.

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For the last 2 years I've been searching for the truth and in all honesty I can say that Judism is the religion that makes the most sense to me.. The originator! I don't care of I have to change my life style! I just want to be a part of G-ds people and worship only 1 diety!!! Please send me any info to my email on how I can convert xx3ddiexx thank you.

Study: One-fifth of Jewish millennials believe Jesus is the son of God

Moriah , February 12, PM. If you are serious you will have to make changes but as you will see if you do convert, every inconvenience and struggle will bring the most sublime pleasure of knowing you are worshiping the One true G-d.

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It's wonderful to be a Jew and take on the yoke of heaven but it is not necessary to worship G-d correctly. Anonymous , May 15, PM.

Judaism is not for everybody and, as a gentile, you are not obligated to convert, yet have the benefits of serving G-d through the noachide laws. I was born and raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, and never had any doubts about my religion. I know it to be the truth. Two years ago, I registered in a college online, because I did not have time to go to school on campus.

The only college I found that had good reviews, where I can get my entire degree online, was a Christian University. I was told that I would be required to take one class about Christianity, and I am in the middle of it right now. I was interested in the beginning to read more about what Christians think, and how their religion works, but now I cannot wait until it is over.

The more I read, the less sense it makes. It boggles my mind and I am not trying to offend any Christian out there how this religion ever took off. The only good thing I can say about how Christianity works is that Christians also believe in the Ten Commandments, and have similar morals to Jews. Anonymous , February 12, PM. The reason Christianity took off was that it was supported by military force- first the Roman empire, then various European kingdoms that succeeded the Roman empire.

Trey Haydon , April 20, PM. I would disagree that "the reason Christianity took off was that it was supported by military force. Anonymous , July 30, PM. Your whole articles were offensive to me.

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They were posted! Stop spreading lies like a plague. Don't lead more people to hell behind you!!! Anonymous , August 9, AM. I grew up Christian and yes it is very confusing even to Christians. There are many aspects of the Bible that contradicts itself and yes we do notice that. Even to the Priests and Pastors it's confusing and questioning them makes them very defensive and I must say a little angry.

If you have questions that they can't answer they immediately tell you that Satan is the one putting these evil thoughts of doubt in our heads. We're told to forget those questions and pray.

Jesus in the Jewish World (Paper)

I'm no longer Christian now that I know that Christianity says that to be a true Christian you must believe that Jesus was born of a virgin and rose from the dead and accepting Jesus as the son of God is the only way into the Kingdom of Heaven when we die. That no matter the sins you committed or the way you live your entire life as long as you accept Jesus as the Messiah and son of God before you die then your soul will be saved.

They say that Jesus will be the first we'll meet when we die and basically if we deny him he'll deny us to the Father. To me that puts Jesus before God which is against our very first commandment.