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High pressure cleaners. Vacuum cleaners. Scrubbers and sweepers. Woodworking machines. Water pumps. These processes are carried out by hand at our Hungarian plant by highly experienced craftsmen. Surfaces We also offer surface processing for moulded parts. Using the latest facilities, we can offer staining, varnishing or oiling. The material that has the right properties for the injection-moulded component is chosen by us at the development stage. Additives such as talcum powder, fibreglass and glass beads are used to enhance our products' technical and visual properties.

Other modifications such as UV stabilisers, flame retardants and antistatic treatments can be used to make the components suitable for specific uses. All our plastic components are fully recyclable, with recycling information and a description of the material printed on all moulded parts.

Colours As we procure most of our plastics raw materials in their natural colours and then colour them ourselves, we can provide a wide range of colours, even for relatively small production batches. We currently offer over colours. Capacity Our technical facilities include injection-moulding machines with clamping facilities ranging from to 1, tonnes. This is where we produce moulded parts from 20g to 8kg using up to three separate components in one process. Every year we process over 1, tonnes of plastic. Our core skill is in producing 'bowed' speaker casings comprising moulded wood components.

But we also make simpler rectangular casings using MDF sheets. For the outer surface we use sliced veneer made from a range of wood varieties. Capacity Our machines and facilities are geared up for large-scale production. As a basic principle, the greater the production volume, the more economically we can produce it. But small production runs can also be achieved. Regular repeated commissions help to make the process more efficient.

Aus meinem Königreich

Working with you, we will work out the design details to achieve maximum manufacturing efficiency. We can also produce prototypes should you require them. It is not just the defects themselves that must be addressed, but their causes. Wooden moulded parts are made from a natural material, which is always subject to variation in quality. As components of loudspeaker casings, our products are subject to downward pressures on price as well as exacting demands in terms of tolerance, surface quality and texture.

Processing The latest CNC-controlled processing facilities and highly skilled staff guarantee maximum precision in parts processing and assembly, both of which are essential for adhering to strict tolerance specifications. Surface Colour, finish and texture are the main properties to consider for the surface.

Experienced staff and modern facilities ensure your specifications are met. The thermal tempering weatherproofs the beech veneer, which can then be used outside as a cladding material, for example.

In order to meet periods of peak demand and short lead times, we keep a consignment of standard panels in stock. We also have 37 presses for producing moulded components using the Thermoformholz process, and 11 CNC-controlled centres for further processing. Thermoformholz parts are made from a natural material, which is always subject to variation in quality. As components for cladding and furniture, our products are subject to exacting demands in terms of tolerance, surface quality and texture. Processing Thermoformholz wood can be worked like beech plywood. Once CNC processing is complete, we carry out a range of processes, from sanding and assembly to the creation of the finished, installation-ready product.

These hand-crafted processes are carried out at our Hungarian plant by highly experienced craftsmen. Surface The thermally treated veneers used for the manufacture of moulded components are impregnated with melamine resin. When the veneers are pressed, the melamine hardens and creates a resistant coating. Thanks to this sealing process, further surface treatment is not required. As for cladding elements, they are produced without the use of melamine coating so that they can later be coloured as required. For this process, we can provide a non-film-forming coating for external use.

Architect: Ulf Bukor. We can provide you with the platform you need to develop new moulded components and assembly parts, on time and to demanding technical specifications. We can guide you through every step of the development process. Our in-house design studio will bring your designs to life, come up with new ideas and assist with construction and prototype development, for which we have a standard range of samples available.

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Design digitalisation and prototype development are just some of the solutions we provide. Our aim is the optimal implementation of your ideas and the creation of ergonomically perfect prototypes within the shortest of timeframes. We have many well-known designers among our customers and many successful products have been developed as a result. We develop individual solutions and will help you choose the right material.

Our own-manufacture press tools can be based on your data and are milled on our five-axis CNC machines from aluminium or wood. So trial batches can be produced quickly and adjusted later. In the manufacture of plastic injection moulding tools, you can benefit from our design and construction industry contacts, prototype manufacturers and specialist toolmakers. We work with some of Germany's most experienced tool manufacturers.

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We are particularly experienced in the production of large moulded components that are especially challenging from both a visual and technical standpoint — e. With our rigorous, precision-driven manufacturing approach, we are always confident of doing justice to the special requirements of structural components and the integration of couplings and connectors.

For us, the preservation of the environment and the struggle against climate change are responsibilities we take seriously on the personal level as well as on the commercial one. As a family business, we are determined to meet our commitment to future generations. Wood and wood-based materials For the manufacture of our high-quality wooden moulded parts, we use exclusively local beech from sustainably managed forests in Germany and Hungary.

With our localised procurement strategy, we avoid high transport costs and reduce our fuel dependency. All our plastics are fully labelled for sorting and separation purposes. The plastics we use conform to PAH polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons limits. Energy To improve heat retention, our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest building technology.

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In order to reduce our energy usage, all our equipment injection moulding machines, presses and CNC processing centres has been selected on energy efficiency criteria. And to embed environmental awareness in our thinking, we provide regular management and manufacturing training for staff.

Combined heat and power CHP In our heat-operated cogeneration system, we burn the by-products from our wood manufacturing operations as well as old wood from certified recycling companies. This enables us to create not just energy for production and our own heating needs, but to use the renewable source of wood to create electricity.

Because the heat generated is used directly on site, the efficiency factor is more than double that of the traditional combination of local heating and taking electricity from the grid. The facility is capable of producing KW of energy and up to 4. The installation has been producing solar power now for over five years. The annual output of around , kWh would meet the energy needs of 33 four-person households. Our environmental goals We are continually on the look-out for new solutions for reducing emissions, waste and in particular the consumption of resources.

It is our values, and the obligation to secure the future of the company for future generations, that ensure our strategy is focused on the long term. We aim to balance innovation with continuity. We seek to create solid, reliable partnerships in everything we do. Our goal is to produce cost-effective products and services that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations. And of course we want to make a profit. As the basis for our future development, our invested capital has to provide an appropriate return. To the manufacture of moulded parts he now adds plywood sheets.

Second World War Due to army conscription, production plummets. Manufacturing concentrates on wooden stools and munitions caskets. French prisoners of war are kept at the site and left to fend for themselves — the stools are used to barter for food, cigarettes and other essential items. The plant is now staffed by unprecedented numbers of women and French prisoners of war.

Production picks up again but the site at Bischofsheim proves to be too small. In , the Bavarian town of XXXX am Main sees the opportunity to have a growing wood-processing business on its doorstep and offers up a potential site on Rodenbacher Strasse. The company is employing around staff. Logs are delivered by road and rail. They are laid in steam pits and then stripped by husking machines in the metre long main production hall.

The pressing room contains eight hydraulic presses. The wood is surface-treated via a lacquering process and the production cycle finishes in the warehouse and despatch site. An area is set aside for special wood processing. Electricity is generated by the factory's own heat and power generator.

And the heart of the entire operation is the machinery halls and workshops. The workforce numbers over Like the rest of Bavarian industry, the business enjoys continuous growth. A significant factor is the integration or large numbers of people known as Heimatvertriebene, or Germans expelled from other areas of Europe after the war. In Bavaria, this group numbers 1.