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Smitten by wanderlust? Want to see the world? Why not start a travel blog to share your experiences with others?

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Your chances of building a high traffic blog improve if you keep your focus on a few specific areas. So, you should do the next best thing, select a name which you can build into a brand. Or, you can use part of your name in a brand — e. We have some general tips for how to choose a domain name. Your hosting is important because it ensures your site loads quickly and is always available to your visitors.

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In addition to always scoring well in our annual WordPress hosting survey , SiteGround:. Then, you just need to follow the simple signup process. Once you sign up, SiteGround will configure your domain name and install WordPress for you… which means you officially have a working travel blog! It will help you monitor your sites progress and will be important once you are pitching to companies. Write about what you love, about what interests you and most importantly, have fun! Sharing your experiences will also help your audience find out more about you — which is important if you want them to keep coming back!

How to make money as a travel blogger (10 tips you can start using today) | Meks

Also, search engines traffic is the best traffic you can get, so get onto learning about SEO search engine optimization as quickly as you can. Once you have built an audience and established yourself in the industry.

Either grab yourself a free wordpress. But, if you want to make money, this should be a cause for concern. I know, because I am one of them. First off, lets get one thing straight. Because at first! Brands want to work with bloggers who can offer a return on their investment; who have an engaged target audience who are likely to want to buy what they are selling. True story. The fact you are even thinking that you should be entitled to free flights or equivalent because you own a blog read by a few hundred people makes every blogger look bad.

Building your audience takes a little or could be a lot of time and a lot of hard work , but it is totally doable. And when you get to that point, companies and brands will be more receptive to collaborating with your blog. You may even become an ambassador for your favorite travel brands or be chosen for destination campaigns by tourism boards, at which point you may start getting paid to travel.

Another incredible thing about building an audience is that they will listen to you and reach out for your advice.

This is where bloggers promote products or services and get a commission in return at no extra cost to the reader. These can be things like the Amazon Affiliates Programs or Booking.

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And oh so many others. Well placed Affiliates can bring in a decent passive income where you have the traffic to support them, but be mindful of promoting too many sites at once to soon as it may look spammy and that your in it for the money.

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Affiliate Marketing can be an absolute goldmine when done right. This is the only course I highly recommend spending some money on to make sure you get it right. Or cash. Or whatever currency you accept! A lot of bloggers make some of their income from Sponsored Posts. Keep in mind that some themes might not look as nice when viewed from a different device.

How to Start A Travel Blog with WordPress and Make Money

We recommend looking through both the WordPress available themes and custom sites like themeforest to find the best option for you. Plugins are what make WordPress so fantastic — consider them mini apps for your website. WordPress offers its own plugin and widget marketplace, so search thoroughly. Make sure you get:. Make sure to lock down your new username on Twitter , Pinterest , Instagram , Facebook , YouTube , and any other social media sites you plan on using to get the word out.

Starting an email list is possibly the most important thing to do in the beginning of your blogging career.

How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Social media sites will come and go and you never really have control over them ahem, Facebook. You basically have two options for your email list — Mailchimp and AWeber. With better email tracking and lower prices for lists with more than 2, subscribers, AWeber turns out to be the most economical choice in the long run.

Hint: learning how to use the plugins from Step 6 is a good start. The best way to start growing an audience is to simply start producing content. Many beginning bloggers find posting something new times a week is a good way to attract their first readers.