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Following a worldwide search that attracted nearly entries, and preliminary rounds in Berlin, London and Philadelphia, 23 singers aged have been chosen to compete in the semi-final at Glyndebourne on 22 March. The title "Symphony of a Thousand" was dreamed up by promoters trying to sell tickets, creating the myth that quantity matters more than quality. For many listeners, Mahler 8 is still a hard nut to crack, for many reasons, and the myth is part of the problem. Mahler 8 is so original that it defies easy categories.

At the Wigmore Hall, Schubert's birthday is always celebrated in style. This year, Angelika Kirchschlager and Julius Drake, much loved Wigmore Hall audience favourites, did the honours, with a recital marking the climax of the two-year-long Complete Schubert Songs Series. The programme began with a birthday song, Namenstaglied, and ended with a farewell, Abschied von der Erde. Along the way, a traverse through some of Schubert's finest moments, highlighting different aspects of his song output: Schubert's life, in miniature.

Never heard of Nicola De Giosa , a composer who was born in Bari a town on the Adriatic, near the heel of Italy , but who spent most of his career in Naples? Schubert's Winterreise is almost certainly the most performed Lieder cycle in the repertoire. Thousands of performances and hundreds of recordings! But Mark Padmore and Kristian Bezuidenhout's recording for Harmonia Mundi is proof of concept that the better the music the more it lends itself to re-discovery and endless revelation.

Sincerity is not everything, of course; what we think of as such may even be carefully constructed artifice, although not, I think, here. The Complete Songs series, and the results were harmonious and happy. It is, of course, quite an achievement in itself for a symphony orchestra to perform Das Rheingold or indeed any of the Ring dramas. This was the infamous production that was booed to extinction at Covent Garden. In the world of opera, the rot set in innocently, gradually. The Tucson Desert Song Festival consists of three weekends of vocal music in orchestral, chamber, choral, and solo formats along with related lectures and master classes.

Both are masterpieces, but they are very different kinds of operas and experienced quite asymmetric performance histories. The Royal Opera House has announced the five singers who will join the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme in September, selected from more than applicants from 59 countries.

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This is the world premiere recording of the text in English, the original language in which it was written. The new recording, from Munich, has features in common with one from Stuttgart that I greatly enjoyed and reviewed here: The two works on this CD make an apt and welcome pair. Opera transcends time and place. One recent survey suggested that in , the average age of a classical concertgoer was 36, whereas now it is plus. As he challenges the young lover who has betrayed him and excoriates Society for its wrong and unjust laws, Wilde also subjects his own aesthetic ethos to some hard questioning, re-evaluating a life lived in avowal of the amorality of luxury and beauty.

I had never heard of Stefano Secco before receiving this CD. But I see that, at age 34, he already has had a substantial career, singing major roles at important houses throughout Europe and, while I was not paying attention, occasionally in the US. It was composed by a year old girl. Stendhal complained that in Trieste nothing had been left to the imagination. As well, in Lyon nothing, absolutely nothing was left to the imagination. The Barbican performance last night was no ordinary concert. This performance was extraordinary because it carried a message. But also, because some of the cast seemed rather out of sorts.

Scandinavian musical culture has very strong roots, and is thriving still. Tucked away in the far north, Bergen may be a hidden treasure, but, as this performance proved, it's world class. The journey is always the same, and never the same. San Francisco Opera wrapped up its 95th fall opera season just now with a bang up Turandot.

It has been a season of hopeful hints that this venerable company may regain some of its former luster.

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It felt rather decadent to be sitting in an opera house at 12pm. In , concert promoter Heinz Liebrecht introduced pianist Julius Drake to tenor Ian Bostridge and an acclaimed, inspiring musical partnership was born. Not many maybe any of the new operas presented by San Francisco Opera over the past 10 years would lure me to the War Memorial Opera House a second time around. But for Girls of the Golden West just now I would be there again tomorrow night and the next, and I am eagerly awaiting all future productions.

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The last of the operas which Rossini composed for Italian theatres between , Semiramide has had only one outing at the Royal Opera House since , and that was a concert version in Here are five complete song sets by two of the greatest masters of French song. The performers are highly competent. I should have known, given the rave reviews that their recording of modern Norwegian songs received. The opera world barely knows how to handle works that have significant amounts of spoken dialogue. Conductors and stage directors will often trim the dialogue to a bare minimum Magic Flute , have it rendered as sung recitative Carmen , or have it spoken in the vernacular though the sung numbers may often be performed in the original language Die Fledermaus.

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Here is the latest CD from a major label promoting a major new soprano. Aida Garifullina is utterly remarkable: Her tone has a constant shimmer, with a touch of quick, narrow vibrato even on short notes. Compared to the oft-explored world of German lieder and French chansons, the songs of Russia are unfairly neglected in recordings and in the concert hall.

The raw emotion and expansive lyricism present in much of this repertoire was clearly in evidence at the Holywell Music Room for the penultimate day of the celebrated Oxford Lieder Festival. This concert was an event on several levels - marking a decade since the death of Stockhausen, the fortieth anniversary almost to the day since Singcircle first performed STIMMUNG at the Round House , and their final public performance of the piece. Andrea as some of us may have remembered it from time gone by.

Make him think the evil, make him think it for himself, and you are released from weak specifications. Austrian singer Elisabeth Kulman has had an interesting career trajectory. Esteemed on the operatic stage, she relinquished the theatre for the concert platform in , following an accident while rehearsing Tristan. But, the drama is a little less hyperactive, the characterisation less larger-than-life. From Boesch and Martineau, excellence is the norm.

The flooring was rotten and an inch deep in filth, so that we slipped and fell. When wood was put into the stove no heat came out, only a terrible smell that lasted through the winter. Shameless grabs for power; vicious, self-destructive dynastic in-fighting; a self-righteous and unwavering sense of entitlement; bruised egos and integrity jettisoned.

One might be forgiven for thinking that it was the current Tory government that was being described. In composer Patrick Morganelli wrote a chamber opera entitled Hercules vs.

Vampires for Opera Theater Oregon. A little wind and rain are nothing to worry about! Classical Opera celebrated 20 years of music-making and story-telling with a characteristically ambitious and eclectic sequence of musical works at the Barbican Hall. It was live streamed worldwide, an indication of just how important this concert was, for it marks the Philharmonia's year relationship with Salonen.

It began life as a propaganda piece, Albion and Albanius, in , during the reign of Charles II, but did not appear on stage as King Arthur until when William of Orange had ascended to the British Throne to rule as William III alongside his wife Mary and the political climate had changed significantly. There have been dozens of capable, and more than capable, recordings of Lohengrin. Recording a major Wagner opera involves heavy costs that a record company may be unable to recoup.

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On a day when events in Las Vegas cast a shadow over much of the news this was not the most comfortable recital to sit through for many reasons. The chosen repertoire did, at times, feel unduly heavy - and very Germanic - but it was also unevenly sung. The two-act scenario had been devised by Hugo von Hofmannsthal and the screening was accompanied by a symphony orchestra which Strauss himself conducted.

And, it certainly does look good.

A number of those who performed in this event will be featured in roles during the coming season. POP audiences enjoy casual seating with wine, water, and finger foods at each table. Since Lucia is a Scottish opera, it opened with an elegant bagpipe solo calling members of the audience to their seats. An astonishingly theatrical touch, but absolutely right.