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Our Planet. Earth Optimism Summit. Ingenuity Ingenuity Awards. The Innovative Spirit. Travel Taiwan. American South. Travel With Us. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner. Many in the army, such as the Levellers led by John Lilburne , thought this was not enough and demanded full political equality for all men, leading to tense debates in Putney during the autumn of between Fairfax, Cromwell and Ireton on the one hand, and radical Levellers like Colonel Rainsborough on the other.

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The Putney Debates ultimately broke up without reaching a resolution. The failure to conclude a political agreement with the King led eventually to the outbreak of the Second English Civil War in , when the King tried to regain power by force of arms. Cromwell first put down a Royalist uprising in south Wales led by Rowland Laugharne , winning back Chepstow Castle on 25 May and six days later forcing the surrender of Tenby. The castle at Carmarthen was destroyed by burning.

The much stronger castle at Pembroke , however, fell only after a siege of eight weeks. Cromwell dealt leniently with the ex-Royalist soldiers, but less so with those who had previously been members of the parliamentary army, John Poyer eventually being executed in London after the drawing of lots. Cromwell then marched north to deal with a pro-Royalist Scottish army the Engagers who had invaded England.

At Preston , Cromwell, in sole command for the first time and with an army of 9,, won a decisive victory against an army twice as large. During , Cromwell's letters and speeches started to become heavily based on biblical imagery, many of them meditations on the meaning of particular passages. For example, after the battle of Preston, study of Psalms 17 and led him to tell Parliament that "they that are implacable and will not leave troubling the land may be speedily destroyed out of the land".

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A letter to Oliver St John in September urged him to read Isaiah 8, in which the kingdom falls and only the godly survive. On four occasions in letters in he referred to the story of Gideon 's defeat of the Midianites at Ain Harod. For Cromwell, the army was now God's chosen instrument. Cromwell believed, during the Civil Wars, that he was one of these people, and he interpreted victories as indications of God's approval of his actions, and defeats as signs that God was directing him in another direction. In December , in an episode that became known as Pride's Purge , a troop of soldiers headed by Colonel Thomas Pride forcibly removed from the Long Parliament all those who were not supporters of the Grandees in the New Model Army and the Independents.

Cromwell was still in the north of England, dealing with Royalist resistance, when these events took place, but then returned to London. On the day after Pride's Purge, he became a determined supporter of those pushing for the King's trial and execution, believing that killing Charles was the only way to end the civil wars. The death warrant for Charles was eventually signed by 59 of the trying court's members, including Cromwell who was the third to sign it. Oliver seized a pen and scribbled out the order, and handed the pen to the second officer, Colonel Hacker who stooped to sign it. The execution could now proceed.

After the execution of the King, a republic was declared, known as the " Commonwealth of England ". The "Rump Parliament" exercised both executive and legislative powers, with a smaller Council of State also having some executive functions. Cromwell remained a member of the "Rump" and was appointed a member of the Council.

In the early months after the execution of Charles I, Cromwell tried but failed to unite the original "Royal Independents" led by St John and Saye and Sele, which had fractured during Cromwell had been connected to this group since before the outbreak of civil war in and had been closely associated with them during the s. However, only St John was persuaded to retain his seat in Parliament. The Royalists , meanwhile, had regrouped in Ireland, having signed a treaty with the Irish known as " Confederate Catholics ".

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In March, Cromwell was chosen by the Rump to command a campaign against them. Preparations for an invasion of Ireland occupied Cromwell in the subsequent months. In the latter part of the s, Cromwell came across political dissidence in the " New Model Army ". The " Leveller " or " Agitator " movement was a political movement that emphasised popular sovereignty, extended suffrage, equality before the law, and religious tolerance.

These sentiments were expressed in the manifesto " Agreement of the People " in Cromwell and the rest of the " Grandees " disagreed with these sentiments in that they gave too much freedom to the people; they believed that the vote should only extend to the landowners. In the " Putney Debates " of , the two groups debated these topics in hopes of forming a new constitution for England.

There were rebellions and mutinies following the debates, and in , the Bishopsgate mutiny resulted in the execution of Leveller Robert Lockyer by firing squad.

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The next month, the Banbury mutiny occurred with similar results. Cromwell led the charge in quelling these rebellions. Cromwell led a Parliamentary invasion of Ireland from — Parliament's key opposition was the military threat posed by the alliance of the Irish Confederate Catholics and English royalists signed in The Confederate-Royalist alliance was judged to be the biggest single threat facing the Commonwealth. However, the political situation in Ireland in was extremely fractured: there were also separate forces of Irish Catholics who were opposed to the Royalist alliance, and Protestant Royalist forces that were gradually moving towards Parliament.

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Cromwell said in a speech to the army Council on 23 March that "I had rather be overthrown by a Cavalierish interest than a Scotch interest; I had rather be overthrown by a Scotch interest than an Irish interest and I think of all this is the most dangerous". Cromwell's hostility to the Irish was religious as well as political. He was passionately opposed to the Catholic Church, which he saw as denying the primacy of the Bible in favour of papal and clerical authority, and which he blamed for suspected tyranny and persecution of Protestants in continental Europe.