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Without teaching, influencing and fostering the right combination of skills, ethics and experience in managers and leaders, good judgement is a hard skill to master.

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Is being practical and being sensible a skill you can learn? We often read about Practical Leadership. Many articles explain that simply standing up and taking the lead in situations while others follow is a sign of Practical Leadership.

Thanksgiving for Our Colleagues

This might be true to some extent, but becoming practical and sensible, specifically in time and stress, or change or diversity management takes requires leaders to acquire a set up skills to teach them critical thinking to make sensible decisions in order to create actions that are practical. Self-discovery and emotional intelligence is definitely not common sense. To be good leaders in any workplace and occupation, self-awareness and truly connecting to your inner self, gives you confidence to lead with empathy.

Sometimes self-discovery and self-control over emotional states can take a while. Certain circumstances and situations mold you. Mentors change your perceptions and help you reinvent yourself. Through developing skills, leaders discover who they are and what they are capable of. Not everyone knows exactly their strengths and weaknesses — is it common sense. One of the first things my administration is going to do is fix the streets and side walks.

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Starting with the areas that are in the most need. I believe in spending money on making our neighborhoods nicer not the park or the zoo. I will get the dilapidated, abandoned homes that are in our neighborhoods razed. I am not going to fall into the trap of spending thousands of dollars trying to revitalize the downtown.

Our city has to be enticing to a business owner.


They will get their tax breaks, etc.. But the best way for the downtown to be revitalized is to allow it to grow organically. And I will keep saying this; the business will not come here with our crime rate. Being a former business owner with much life experience in that arena, I know what I would like to see as a business owner.

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BTW, If I am having trouble drawing businesses here I will call Jake up and see if he would like to build a replica of the Eiffel Tower in the middle of downtown to bring them here. To improve our economy we need to be pro-active. My business development team needs to learn how to sell. I will teach them.

Trying to avoid paperwork? Are we marketing Salisbury properly? Are we processing permits for new businesses and approving codes in a timely manner?


Good questions. Talent we have a college right here, unfortunately, if your are a SBY University grad and not in the medical field, you are leaving. All of this should be obvious. But, unfortunately, for some, it is not. For example, what do all of the highest crime rate cities have in common? So, if you like crime, homeless drug users, a broke city and a poor economy, vote for Jake. Re-elect this guy and you will soon see a city tax. People I am here to tell the truth, which most of you know.

And it is true! On the other hand, the people of Salisbury are good people, and they deserve better. Give them a reason to work hard and they will. This is one of the reasons I set roots here and bought a house. I believe we can improve and enhance our city services while continuing to focus on our roads.

The center of town has gotten a lot of attention this year, but we need to expand our projects to all areas of Solon, because other main arteries are in need of repairs. I believe we need to have greater enforcement of our codes and inspections so that businesses and residents are doing their part to keep Solon beautiful and vibrant.

Part 1 Secrets to Common Sense Leadership Seminar

This is common sense leadership to me. Our bicentennial is fast approaching in , and I believe Solon is heading in the wrong direction. I spoke out during council meetings this year when members of council decided to overturn a Planning Commission decision through appeal, thus approving a more than foot setback variance for a property on Liberty Road.

I was against the unnecessary and frivolous decision by council to change our city logo without any idea on a specific price tag this will cost residents over at least the next five years. Phased-in costs will affect multiple departments and impact print materials, uniforms and service vehicles. I am opposed to the mixed-use district rezoning proposal for the former Liberty Ford site due to the high-density housing component and its impact upon our schools.