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A social-scientific analysis, bearing in mind the culture of the time is NOT an inherent liberal hermeneutic. If condensed to even one simplistic benefit, it is how we know there are no contradictions in the book of James. We first ask: Who is James writing to?

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Certainly not to 12 unnamed Native American tribes. James was writing to Jewish Believers Jas 1. Michael also posted a commentary on the book of Revelation a short time ago, and I agree with He has also greatly helped my continued struggle some of the more obscure nuances of Hebrew.

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However, I believe to demean the posts or people, in and of itself should be avoided, and to go head to head on an exegesis, or try to quote scripture never works. In fact, the way Dr. Silva outlined his post is interesting to say the least and those points I will address.

Unfortunately, so far NO ONE has been able to overcome the ONE single argument I will present and the manner in which I will support it here, contains only tiny fraction of the data to back it up. Over the last 5 years more and more of my reformed brethren are casting aside the Romanist Theology most still cling to. Origin Mr. Allegory himself is one of the church Fathers on record who of course agreed with the Domitianic and NOT the Neronic dating.

So, the reason I do not comment on the book of Revelation is because that is not where the true argument lies. Thus, barring someone making a very, very large post attempting to defend all aspects of Covenant Theology compared to Dispensational Theology, discussing the book of Revelation without the dating being first defended I believe is fruitless.

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Before I forget, Eric, you made an interesting comment which will relate to part of what I have to say. The verses you posted have nothing to do with the Nicolaitans and I am not saying you meant them to. May I ask where you came up with such a meaning? The rest of the explanation is too long and complicated, however, a web search with the following terms will reveal much:.

Or, Dr. Charles Ryrie who went home to be with the Lord earlier this year. Countless more, however, the single best is Chafer. He outdid Schofield, his teacher. Now, let me respectfully address your three points, Dr. Silva and provide my timeline as well as very simple defense of the dating of the book. He is first, by translation of his name, king of righteousness, and then he is also king of Salem, that is, king of peace.

I have yet to find an English version I really like, the KJV is nice for its poetic reading pleasure. It was addressed to seven actual churches. Revelation begins with letters from Christ himself to these churches, letters that include commendation, criticism, and comfort. Then comes a long series of visions of judgment on the wicked, all in highly symbolic language.

Revelation was probably written A. Where is the church depicted under great distress? The body of Christ will not see wrath. Here is how I break it down and how I also prove the dating just one of many ways. Events which were taking place in the present time and Types not a major topic for this discussion all written to the churches Rev 2. A complete exegesis with no deviations of Covenant Theology including its origin in the Roman Catholic Church , must be placed side by side with a complete exegesis with no deviations of Dispensational theology.

That is the only way people of good will who are brothers and sisters in Christ should be discussing this topic for a full picture. While many claim the difference is between a purely literal and allegorical approach to hermeneutics, this is NOT accurate.

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Dispensational theology more easily can see allegory, poetry, figures of speech, etc. The last thing which should ever be done is to read the New Testament into the Old. This of course does not mean, for example, understanding the prophesies of Christ, which Covenant theology does not deny, nor does Covenant theology deny many OT prophesies are not completely fulfilled.

That is unless they wish to deny any second coming at all and they do not.

Verbal Clauses, as one small example cannot simply set aside differences between temporal and conditional clauses. The paper with the above quote and so very much more which Dr. Quick Disclaimer: I never have, nor ever would ask Dr. Runge anything about his theology. The inclusion of a quote and link to a paper he authored is simply that.

An excellent paper. Although the quote I cited in part supports my hermeneutical approach, this in no way is a comment on the beliefs of Dr. Lastly, because my own doctrinal beliefs are Reformed, it also does not mean I do not have the highest regard for someone like RC Sproul, Sr. Praise the Lord he is doing well. The later date also explains how the Nicolaitans Rev. The Emperor Domitian then as if that were not enough sent John to the island of Patmos which is near the coast of Asia Minor and the city of Ephesus. It was during his time on the island that John, likely around 95 A.

When Emperor Nerva came to power he released John from his island imprisonment. What does the correct dating of the book of Revelation do to any commentaries that think it was written for Christians only for up to A.


The few who advocate the early date have such a wide range of other reasons I can certainly get into if needed, however, the range being A. Abandoned their first love 2. Fallen; needing to repent, and do the works they did at first.

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  • Or, they lost their lampstand from its place, unless they repent. BUT: 4. Yet this you have: you hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. Did Paul just miss what is basically the ecclesiastical power structure which began to develop and begin to consider the Laity or the Members of the Body of Christ to be inferior to the chain of command? Not only was the spiritual state of the Ephesian church not anywhere close to how it is described before Paul wrote the letter, it never would have made it to such a state in 6 short years.

    The thing of it is, with all the arguments back and forth, how Covenant Theology Spiritualizes and even must disregard the most crystal clear words of Christ about His 1, year Davidic reign on earth.

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    There are also NOT two second comings, there are only one. It begins with the 1, year reign, a remnant of Jews as always are saved and the Kingdom promise is kept. So, why is he released for just a little while, with just enough time to get the Nations together for the final battle which is QUICK. Done, new heaven and new earth. I am going to be leading a small group study of the book of Revelation this fall.

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    When this post came up in my reading this morning it caught my attention. I read the article and was not particularly offended at the content. After reading a few of the comments, I went back and re-read the article and then read all of the posts. After reading all the comments I must say that the only word that comes to mind is sad.

    I am sad that fellow Christians feel the need to be so defensive. I can agree with Mr. Theiss, that maybe different words could have been chosen for the head line. The commentary responses to the Author and to each other really do make me sad. It is from this kind of reaction that relationships and therefore churches split and the work of the Holy Spirit is hindered in the world.

    If you disagree say so.