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Hi-lo arbitration. In hi-lo arbitration, parties attempt to reduce the risk of making extreme decisions by agreeing ahead of time on the upper and lower limits of any monetary award that the arbitrator will grant.

This strategy limits the risk to parties who are worried about giving total control over the outcome to an arbitrator. Final-offer, or baseball, arbitration. In final-offer arbitration, which is often referred to as baseball arbitration because of its use in Major League Baseball contract disputes, both parties present a last, best offer to the arbitrator, who must choose one of the two offers.

2. Arbitration Advantages

Because final-offer arbitration typically seems risky, it often gives parties incentives to negotiate a reasonable resolution. This type of arbitration is often used in labor negotiations for police officers and firefighters because communities cannot tolerate the risk of a strike arising from an impasse with such essential employees—an argument that some make about professional baseball players as well.

Alternative dispute resolution

Tripartite arbitration. In tripartite arbitration, there are three arbitrators, one named by each party and one chosen by both of them.

ADR Types & Benefits

Tripartite arbitration is useful in highly complex cases where the parties want advice from three individuals with differing expertise such as a lawyer, a businessperson, and a scientist. It is also used in cases in which the parties lack full confidence in a neutral arbitrator and prefer an arbitrator who will forcefully represent their interests.

Alternative Dispute Resolution - When It Works, When It Doesn't

An often-overlooked alternative dispute resolution process is med-arb, a mediation-arbitration hybrid. In med-arb, disputants hire a neutral mediator. If she is unable to resolve the dispute through mediation, she puts on her arbitration hat and renders a decision, explains Sander.

While this blended process ensures that parties will reach a resolution, it brings with it a certain level of risk.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Disputants may be reluctant to be candid with a mediator who could later use the information they share against them in the arbitration phase of the process. They may be able to avoid this objection by having different individuals filled the mediation and arbitration roles, though this solution comes requires additional time and cost.

In sum, mediation, arbitration, and med-arb offer compelling alternatives to litigation the next time you are embroiled in a conflict that seems impossible to resolve on your own. Some of the advantages of hiring a Pennsylvania ADR lawyer are: Save on the cost and time-consuming nature of lawsuits and trials The result of the ADR, including the damages you will be awarded, are certain Details of the ADR cannot be accessed by the public, unlike a trial Retain control over your claim, as well as determining the date, time and place of your ADR.

How long does it take for an ADR case to be decided? Who can be an arbitrator?


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Can I choose the arbitrators myself? Can ADR decisions be appealed? And many more.